Mummy Glove

Mummy Gloves were one of four monthly member gifts of May. The other three, were Dragon Gloves, Lava Gloves, and Legendary Gloves.


  1. 1st comment a mummy gloves come in green red pink black and blue.


  2. Oh no Mummy Gloves! Mummy Gloves came from mummys there is not much to say about this ancient glove it comes in these colors Red Green Pink Blue DarkDarkPurple White Black and last LightGrey.


  3. Ahh mummy gloves i traded mine for lava glov den a month later i traded it with the same person so i gotit bak!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. i have a mummy glove :) i didnt try to get 1 but for my police hat som1 traded me o_O


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